HPCC Systems on Amazon Web Services

With the push of a button, create your own high performance computing cluster (Thor) and/or query cluster (Roxie) for data-intensive computing and massively concurrent queries. Amazon Web Services account needed.

  • > Quickly establish AWS security settings.
  • > Provision and test cluster nodes as EC2 instances.
  • > Install, test & configure the HPCC software.
  • > Begin solving your data intensive analysis needs.

Login now or request an AWS account to reap the benefits of the HPCC platform. Its unique architecture and simple yet powerful data programming language (ECL) makes it a compelling solution to solve your data intensive computing needs. Getting started is easy.

Why choose the HPCC Platform?

Enterprise. Open Source. Fast. Scalable. Simple.

The HPCC Platform has been around for more than a decade, making it the most proven solution of its type in existence. Learn how successful organizations are leveraging the HPCC platform to help them solve Big Data problems.

Sandia National Laboratories
[Traditional supercomputing technology] systems are not ideal for the informatics challenge of sorting through petabytes of data to find correlations and generate hypotheses. See how HPCC Systems helped.
As a leading information provider, LexisNexis® has more than 35 years experience in managing big data.
ChoicePoint Migration
LexisNexis Risk Solutions transitioned ChoicePoint to the High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) solution.
Engauge Pinterest POV
Learn about Pinterest, social media's newest sweetheart, and the role it can play in companies' marketing program. Engauge created a POV on Pinterest using the HPCC Systems big data platform and machine learning library to analyze the data and usage patterns.
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