Known Issues

Below you will find some of the Known Issues. We are working on fixing them...

If you find issues, please report them via the forums or comments link.

Occasional Thor master start-up delay

Under certain conditions, the initial launch of the Thor master process may fail to fully connect to one or more Thor slaves. The symptom presents as a Thor that does not immediately run work-units, leaving them blocked/queued until the Thor is ready.

Solution/Workaround: This is a self-correcting problem, as the Thor master will automatically recycle to retry registering the Thor slaves. This will be fixed in a future release.

CSV Compression Issue

On the ESP page and in ECL IDE, compressed CSV files that have been output show as 0 bytes and are not viewable though data is there. This happens for both EBS and Instance devices.

Solution/Workaround: Do not compress the CSV files or choose a different format.

ECL IDE becomes unresponsive

When ECL IDE is left open for a long time (6-12 hours) it may become unresponsive.

Solution/Workaround: Restart the ECL IDE.

The instance ID 'i-xxxxxxxx' does not exist

We ask Amazon to launch multiple EC2 instances. We then request updates for those particular instances. Sometimes Amazon reports through the API that an instance does not exist even though it shows in the console manager. We are working with Amazon on a fix and are working on a better workaround.

Solution/Workaround: Terminate and relaunch cluster.