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Getting Started

Before you begin, you will need to know your AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. You should also have decided on the size of the cluster you want to launch.

1. If you have not yet logged in, use your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key to login.

  This information is passed to Amazon and is NOT retained

2. Open the One-click Thor™ Launch page.

3. Type in the total number of Thor nodes to launch. The system will allocate the necessary support nodes and display the total number of nodes to launch.

4. Press the Launch Cluster button.

    a. The Cluster Launch Log displays, and will update frequently to show what has been completed.

    b. When finished, the log says Done and the Status above the log should indicate Ready.

Congratulations! Your HPCC Systems Thor cluster is now running and ready to perform data analytics.

5. Click on the View Clusters link to see running clusters.

Installing the ECL IDE

The ECL IDE installs to your Windows workstation. Once you install it, you can use it for any cluster.

1. From the View Clusters page, click on the ESP link to launch the ECL Watch page for a cluster.

  Take note of the IP address for the ESP server running ECL Watch, you will use it later.

2. Click on the Resources/Browse link in the left side menu.

3. Click on the ECL IDE Installer link.

  When prompted save this file to your PC and then run it--do not run directly from your browser. This is a Windows installer for a Windows application.

4. Install the ECL IDE.

5. When installation is complete, launch the ECL IDE.

6. When you open the ECL IDE for the first time, you are prompted to supply the IP address of the ESP server. Enter the IP and press the Apply button.

7. Login using HPCCDemo as the username and password.

8. Use the ECL IDE to run jobs.

The View Clusters page

At any time, after logging in, you can click the View Clusters link to view your active clusters, if any are active.

This page includes many useful links:

  • ESP – Launch the ECL Watch page for that cluster
  • Log – View the Cluster Launch log
  • Config – View the configuration file for the cluster
  • IPs – View the list of IP addresses of the nodes used in your cluster
  • Key – View the SSH key information for accessing your cluster’s nodes
It also has a link that allows you to Terminate the cluster instantiation.

For more detail on using an HPCC Thor cluster on AWS, see Thor on AWS. For more examples and tutorials, see the Documentation pages on the HPCC Systems portal.