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Provided below are ECL examples using public data sources that demonstrate how to program ECL. The examples are grouped by the knowledge level of working with ECL. Each example contains helpful information at the top of the file that explains how to download the data and execute the code. Please visit our forums to find information and additional support from the HPCC Systems community.

These examples are designed to be an introduction to working with data on HPCC and includes using ECL for parsing a log file, a simple word count, how to spray a data file and apply a simple transformation using sample names and addresses.

This ZIP package contains the following ECL code examples:
FINCEN Money Services List
- This sample code reads in the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network's list of money services businesses (names, address and services provided) across the US. You can use this list to locate and count how many check cashing businesses are in your area.
Gene Data from Pseudomonas
- This sample shows how to ingest data that includes nested child sets of strings and nested child data sets. The data used for the sample is Chromosome data downloaded from Pseudomonas.
Heritage Healthcare Prize
- The Heritage Provider Network is sponsoring a contest whose goal is to develop a predictive algorithm that can identify patients who will be admitted to the hospital within the next year using historical claims data. This example shows how to create a simple entry using ECL.
National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)
- Database containing complaints reported to the NHTSA by consumers for the last twenty years, consisting of over 850,000 records and includes complaints regarding automobiles and automobile accessories.
Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTA)
- Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, this code allows you to trivially calculate distances between all zip codes.
This ZIP package contains the following ECL code examples:
Ingest Drug Data and Find Drugs Containing Specific Ingredients
- This example uses drug data provided by the FDA. It demonstrates how to ingest this data, which comes as multiple separate files, and how to use that data to locate all drugs that contain a particular ingredient.
Surrey Police Spending Analysis
- Using a public data source pertaining to the Surrey Police Department, this example demonstrates using ECL to generate cross-tabulation reports and analyze their spending habits in more detail.
- This is an initial draft of Wikipedia Descriptors that focus on pages and their links to other Wikipedia Pages, aka "The Wikipedia Graph".