Change Log

Front-End Changes

Version 0.1.17 
 - changed link to AWS security credentials page
Version 0.1.16 
 - rebranded to HPCC Systems Instant Cloud for AWS
Version 0.1.15
 - added option to launch Roxie nodes in a cluster
 - rebranded to One-Click HPCC rather than One-Click Thor
Version 0.1.14
 - added option to attach EBS snapshots to the landing zone on launch
Version 0.1.13
 - dynamically scaling the launch log to utilize screen space
 - added Region option to the Launch Cluster page
Version 0.1.12
 - updated zip archives in Code Samples
 - added helpful mouser-over tooltips to the column headers on View Clusters page
 - added mouser-over tooltip to esp link on View Clusters page
 - multiple improvements on Cluster Config page
 - updated solutions/workarounds on Known Issues page
Version 0.1.11
 - made ESP IP address a link to ESP Page
 - added "this might take as minute note" to launch/termination log page
 - added "relaunch charge note" to launch log page
 - not displaying "verbose output" checkbox if cluster is launched/terminated
 - added "function" column to Cluster IPs page
Version 0.1.10
 - added ability to download cluster log file
 - improved style of login screen
Version 0.1.9
 - added "Verbose Output" check-box to the Log page
 - added reason for termination of Thor Cluster
 - added promotion code input to the login
 - updated description for the beginner samples
 - added ability to download Thor Cluster log on the Log page

Back-End Changes

Version 0.1.28
 - Updated ami to platform version 5.2.0-1
Version 0.1.24
 - Updated ami to platform version 4.2.2-1
Version 0.1.23
 - Updated ami to platform version 4.2.2-rc8
Version 0.1.22
 - Updated ami to platform version 4.2.0-4
Version 0.1.21
 - Updated ami to platform version 4.0.0-9
Version 0.1.20
 - Updated ami to platform version 3.10.8-9
Version 0.1.19
 - Updated ami to platform version 3.8.2-2
Version 0.1.18
 - Updated ami to platform version 3.6.0-1
Version 0.1.17
 - Improved snapshot mounting procedures to enable snapshots with partition tables
Version 0.1.16
 - implemented custom AMIs and enabled all regions
Version 0.1.15
 - enabled snapshots to be mounted to the landing zone
Version 0.1.8
 - fixed issue where AMI and number of nodes are not being reported to the user
 - improved error handling and reporting
 - improved support for large log files

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